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Exceptional quality and performance at a fraction of the name-brand price.

Our postage meter inks are the only aftermarket postage products approved by the US Postal Service and are 100% IP cleared. All of our products are manufactured or remanufactured, according to the original product, offering an alternative product that meets or exceeds the OEM standard.  Our postage meter and mailing supplies are fully compatible and come with a 100% performance guarantee.  


Find Supplies for the following Francotyp Postalia Postage Meters:

T-1000, Optimail, Optimail30, PostBase Mini, Postbase 20 and PostBase 30/45/65/85


FP Postage Ink
fp meter ink
FP Postage Tape
FP meter tapes
FP Sealing Solution
Sealing Solution
Mailing Tabs / Wafer Seals
Copier Ink & Toner
address ink